To ensure a high quality fruit and vegetable, TAB Fruits and Vegetables Centre had realized that quality control must be started at the farm. We believe:

“Good farm practices will produce high quality fruits.”

As soon as a cluster of fruits appears, the farmers select the best fruits which are then individually wrapped. This prevents insect, damage, bruising and ensures cleanliness. The rest of the fruits are removed to ensure vigorous development of the selected fruits. Fruits are harvested between 60 – 65 days after fruits set. This ensures that fruits are fully matured and have the right flavour and colour.


Besides a well-planned Farm Management, the Processing & Packaging also play a main role in controlling the quality of harvested fruits and vegetables. Without a “comfortable” container, the quality fruits and vegetables might drops in the midst of delivery.

Hence, all harvested fruits and vegetables are quickly transported to a collection centre, where Processing & Packaging procedures will be done. At the centre, the wrappings are removed and a preliminary sorting of fruits is done. Each fruit and vegetable is individually wrapped in soft paper or polystyrene netting.