TAB Fruits & Vegetables Centre

TAB started off as a supplier of tropical fruits for the retail market.

Growing with time, TAB expanded its product line to include vegetables and imported fruits with all segments of the market including the larger supermarket and hypermarket chain. In line with the business expansion, the number of employees has increased to 100 persons.

Being the centre for the supply of a variety of tropical fruits in Malaysia, TAB fruits and vegetables centre has also introduced its revolutionary packing for the tropical fruits. TAB fruits and vegetables centre plays a major role in introducing of developing the tropical fruits countries outside Malaysia and Singapore such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

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TAB Fruits & Vegetables Centre supplies variety of tropical fruits. They are like Durian, Honey Mandarin Orange, Guava

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All fruits & vegetables intended for export are inspected and certified by FAMA

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TAB Fruits & Vegetables Centre distributes fruits and vegetables to retail market, hyper- market, farm Village

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